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Who makes the stock?

The carbon fiber stock is a proprietary design of Barrett.

Does the rifle stock have a cheek piece?


What is the texture of the stock finish?

The stock is textured for grip and is NOT Cerakote.

Is the stock bedded to a "slave action"?

No, each action is individually bedded to its stock and fully bedded from bolt shroud to end of the forend to reduce barrel harmonics and increase stock rigidity.

What is the length of pull?

13 ¾”

Can I shorten the length of pull?

Typically no. Recoil pads are affixed with adhesive.

Barrett does not authorize user modification of the stock.

What is the size of the mag box on the short and long action?

Short Action – 3”

Long Action – 3 ⅜”

Can I get a different color on the stock?

Charcoal Gray is the only option at this time. Please monitor for future product offerings.

Is it coming with a wood stock?

Please monitor for future product offerings.

What is the overall length of the stock?

30 ¾”


Who makes the barrel?

It’s proprietary.

Is the barrel free floated? Why not?

No, this is not a ‘free’ floated barrel.  Full length bedding reduces barrel harmonics and increases stock rigidity.

What is the barrel contour on every model and caliber?

Barrel contour is lighter than #0 contour for Standard 21” barrels.
Barrel contour is similar to #2 contour for Sport 24” barrels.
All Standard/Sport action barrel breeches are 1.065.

What is the diameter at the muzzle?

Standard – 21” barrel is .550.
Sport – 24” barrel is .615.

What type of crown is on the barrel?

45 degree.

How is each caliber throated?

Chambers are a proprietary Barrett design to reduce bullet jump and improve accuracy.

What is the thread pitch on the muzzle?



Is there an accuracy guarantee?

Yes, SUB-MOA – every rifle is test fired by our field staff from a bench position with high-quality hunting ammunition.

Have you found ammunition that shoots best in each caliber? What is it?

Yes, we use premium hunting ammunition.
We concentrate on using HEAVY boat tail hunting bullets for each given caliber.
Aggressive twist rates are optimized for long/heavy boat tail bullets.
We do not release the names of the bullet manufacturers used for testing.


What scope mounts does this rifle use?

Talley Mounts and DNZ Mounts.

Will the 42 mm objective scope fit on the rifle with low mounts?

Yes, consult with your dealer for ring and mounting options.

Why is there a 3rd hole for the front ring?

The Barrett Fieldcraft proprietary mounting system offers 4 placement options for the front ring depending on the optics chosen and the amount of eye relief needed.
This system uses #8 screws vs. the traditional #6 screws, thus increasing strength to the overall mounting system.

What scope rail does this rifle use?



When will there be a left-handed model?

Please monitor for future product offerings.

Does the safety lock the bolt close (i.e. is it a 2-position or 3-position safety)?

It is a 2-position safety and does NOT lock the bolt closed.

Can I put a Jewel trigger without 700 bolt release in the rifle?

The Barrett Fieldcraft has a proprietary sear design and cannot use triggers designed for other rifles.

When is each caliber or configuration coming?

Please monitor for future caliber options

Where can I get one?

R.E.D Dealers, Cabelas or any non-direct dealer can order thru our (6) authorized distributors. These authorized distributors are: Sports South, RSR, Bill Hicks, Sports South, AcuSport, USC and MGE. Barrett stocking dealers can be located on the dealer locator.

Is the receiver the diameter of a Remington 700 or reduced?


Is the action pillar bedded?

Yes – aluminum pillar.

Are test targets included?

Currently no.

What are the torque inch lb. requirements for reseating the barrel/action?

Rear action screw (goes through trigger guard) – 36 inch lbs.
Front action screw – 80 inch lbs.
See page 18 of the Operators Manual for more information.